About Us

House of Synth was created to share in the nostalgia of the synthesizers, electronics and computers (and computer game related synth stuff) of the late 1970s, 1980s and very early 1990s.

As a child in the 1980's, i would often see synthesizers and various audio equipment that i wanted, but i could not come anywhere near the money required for them at the time. These days i often find this same equipment in dusty corners of secondhand shops and similar places. When i find something that i coveted as a kid, i will purchase it, even if i have no genuine use for it now. The fact that i was stuck on it so much when i was younger makes it a necessity in my mind now. I have bought stuff like the Yamaha WX7 and WT11 even though i cannot play any wind instrument. Or stuff like the Yamaha YS-200 and the Yamaha EOS B200 4 OP FM synth with built-in speakers and the spherical pitch bend and modulation wheels. If you go on it's synth qualities alone, it's not a particularly inspiring machine to have sitting around, but when i was 12 i sent Yamaha a post card asking for all the brochures that they had available. Of all the papers they sent me, the one for the B200 looked the coolest to me so it became cemented in my head that the B200 was a great machine. Another example: the Yamaha FB01. That one has a spot in my collection due only to that fact that a few adventure games were developed that were able to use it as a sound source, not necessary a very good sound source, but i just wanted to hear what i was potentially missing back in 1987.

This obsession does not apply only to synths. Other audio and computer equipment is equally as alluring to me. The old Macintosh II machines, old Atari, NeXT, Sun and SGI boxen, Symbolics LISP machines, the obscure Pixar Image Computer (3D graphics were also a passion of mine as a child). Old computer games (particularly the adventure variety) like Activision's SunDog: Frozen Legacy or MIDI Maze on the Atari ST. Old software like Dazzle Draw for the Apple //c or Paracomp's Swivel 3D and MacroMind Three-D for the Mac II (MacroMind later became Macromedia which developed Flash and was purchased by Adobe). Or Specular's Infini-D, the first 3D app that i ever purchased back in late 1992.

I know that there are other people out there like me and this site is for you too. Please come, enjoy and let me know how you feel about the site. It's still in it's infancy at the moment, so if you have any ideas for improvements i am all ears.