SOLD March 8th 2012 Another CM-64 to come however... if interested and you would like to put your name on the next one, contact us The real deal, the Roland CM-64, the Roland CM-32L (which contains the LA synthesizer and some PCM) and the Roland CM32P (which includes much more PCM) all combined into one box. For sale, a Roland CM-64 with the original Roland AC adapter. Works perfectly. The Roland CM-32L was a "Computer Music" version of the classic Roland MT-32. The CM-32L actually had 33 additional waveforms on top of what the MT-32 had. Both the CM-32L and the MT-32 made use of Roland's Linear Arithmetic Synthesis (LA Synth for short) so they were not just sample playback units, but rather genuine synthesizers that game sound designers could use to create new sounds and instruments. This is a very different animal that just playing back pre-sampled sounds. There were many games that made excellent use of the Roland MT-32 (the classic was Sierra's Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon), but it's interesting to note that there were a very few games that actually made use of the additional 33 waveforms that the CM-32L provided, Beneath a Steel Sky, Lure of the Temptress, Night Breed, Elite Plus and of course Ultima Underworld to name a few. Ultima Underworld makes use of the actual LA synthesis to create and playback foot step sounds that you will not hear when using the MT-32 or any later general MIDI module. Front View of the Roland CM-64 Synth ModuleOriginal Roland ACB AC Adapter for the Roland CM-64 Game Synth Module Also, keep in mind that the Roland LAPC-I was just a CM-32L on an ISA card. So the Roland CM-64 can play back LAPC-I sounds and music perfectly as well. The Roland CM-32P was basically a Roland U-110 synth module in a "Computer Music" box (oddly, the CM-32P is actually much less noisy than the professional U-110 version). The Roland U-110 was a sample playback rack mount unit that could simultaneously use four Roland PCM expansion cards to go along with it's built in 2MB of sample ROM. The U-110 was sold in the late 1980s and very early 1990s. Just like the CM-32P, the Roland CM-64 features a card slot on the front panel and will accept any of the PCM waveform cards developed for the Roland U-110. If you are a fan of the late 80s and early 90s adventure games, particularly those made by Sierra, LucasArts and Origin, then the CM-64 is the perfect sound module for you. It can perfectly replicate the sounds of the MT-32 as well as the CM-32L / LAPC-I and CM-32P. There were actually a few games that made use of special sounds that were only found in the CM-32L and CM-64. Rumor is that there were actually a handful of games that made use of specific Roland PCM cards that could be inserted into the slots on the CM-32L and CM-64, but i do not know of them personally. Will this old Roland module work with my machine? Of course it can. The Roland CM-64 can be used with your old MIDI interface equipped DOS PC if you still have one laying around. But even without an older DOS machine, you can use the CM-64 with any modern day OS be it Windows, Mac OSX or Linux with either ScummVM or DOSBox and a MIDI interface. I personally use these old Roland CM and MT-32 modules with both DOSBox and ScummVM under Slackware Linux and a small two port USB MIDI interface (the EDIROL UM-2EX). Works perfectly every time. Roland CM-64 Serial Number PlateRoland CM-64 Front Panel The Feature of the Roland CM-64

  • Full Backwards Compatibility with the Roland CM-32L (so the sound fx sound the way that they are supposed to, not emulated)
  • Full Backwards Compatibility with the Roland CM-32P
  • Full Backwards Compatibility with the Roland MT-32
  • Full Backwards Compatibility with the Roland LAPC-I
  • 128 LA Synthesis Patches on the CM-32L Side
  • 64 PCM Patches on the CM-32P Side
  • 64 Voice Polyphonic
  • Digital Reverb
  • 1/4" Headphone Jack
  • 1/4" Left and Right Outputs
  • Front Panel Volume Adjustment Knob
  • Front Panel PCM Card Slot for Roland SN-U expansion cards
  • Roland Branded Audio Patch Cable
  • Original Roland ACB-100 AC Adapter

The original Roland owner's manual can be downloaded in PDF format from our Roland CM Manuals section. Roland CM-64 Rear View and MIDI PortsRoland CM-64 Rear View and Audio Ports This particular CM-64 is a Japanese unit and comes with the Roland ACB-100 power adapter. The US version of the CM-64 came with the ACB-120, but the ACB-100 works just fine on the USA's 110 volt power. Like a lot of gear from that era, the casing on this CM-64 is yellowed, we jokingly prefer to call it the "old Roland patina". There are NO cracks, breaks or warps in the casing. This Roland CM-64 functions perfectly fine and sounds great. Left Side of the Roland CM-64Right Side of the Roland CM-64 Top View of the Roland CM-64Bottom View of the Roland CM-64 Roland CM-64 with the Original Roland ACB AC AdapterCorner Shot of the Roland CM-64