SQ8L Ensoniq SQ-80 Free Soft Synth

Free VST Synth For Emulating the Ensoniq SQ-80

SQ8L is a soft synth version of Ensoniq's SQ-80 synthesizer. SQ8L's creator, Siegfried Kullmann, states in the readme.txt file that the "L" stand for "Light" and that there will be a commercial "SQ8X" (X for "extended") version. The last we have heard about that however was in 2008, so my advice for not is the enjoy the free synth light SQ8L version as it sounds and works great. I have personally used this under Slackware with dssi and have had no problems.

Screen Shot of SQ8L VST Running Under Slackware Linux

free synth SQ8L running under Slackware Linux with DSSI

Where to Download the SQ8L VST for Free

You can download the free SQ8L VST from Siegfried's own site here:Ensoniq SQ-80 Free VST a.k.a SQ8L.