Korg 03R/W ai2 Synth Module

Korg's AI Synthesis on the Cheap

In the early 90s Korg wanted a synth that supported general MIDI and that could provide a cost effective intro into the same synthesis engine (or at least similar in this case) as their flagship 01/W synth. The Korg 03R/W synth module filled that void.

The AI squared synth engine in the 03R/W was not exactly the same as the 01/W and the two cannot share synth patches or sysex data. The 03R/W lacked the wave shaping functionality of the higher end 01/W line of synths.

While not too many people get very excited about the 03R/W it did serve its purpose well and still has a place in many synth racks to this day playing backup bits and so on.

Korg 03R/W Tech Specs

Synth Type / Synthesis Branding aiĀ² Advanced Integrated Square (a.k.a fancy PCM playback)
Waveform Data 5 Mb
Waveform ROM 255 waveforms plus 114 drum waveforms
Stock Patches 129 in ROM, 100 for user patches in RAM, 100 combinations
Polyphony 32 Notes with single oscillator patches, 16 with double oscillator patches
Filter Yes (non-resonant however)
Built-In Effects Yes, two internal effects systems, 47 effects to choose from, can produce up to four different effects simultaneously
Floppy No floppy but the 03W/R does have two cards slots, one for PCM wave data and another for user program storage
LCD Screen 16x2 LCD with back light
Production Years 1992 to UNKNOWN

How to Reset the Korg 03R/W to Factory Default Settings

Power the 03R/W off completely and then turn it back on while holding down the +1 and -1 buttons.

Korg 03R/W Documentation

If you need the user manuals or even the factory service manual for the 03R/W please feel free to visit our Korg 03R/W manuals page.

Korg 03R/W FYI

  • The 03R/W can be edited with the Korg RE1 hardware external editor (Korg's fader and button box).
  • If you are interested in further info on the Korg 03R/W then you need to visit Sayer's KORG 03R/W Site. His is one of the very few places on the net dedicated to the 03R/W synth module.