Manuals for Synths, Samplers and Misc Electronics

Some of the user manuals for the older audio and synth gear are getting hard to find. In an effort to keep these docs readily available to those that need them, i have warehoused several of them here at House of Synth. I am especially interested in the old service manuals. The older this synth gear gets, the more likely it's going to start needing a few repairs and that is a lot easier to do with the proper service manuals and schematics.

Of course not every synth manual available here is hard to find, but many are. A few (especially the service manuals) we had to pay for to get the initial copy. In all those cases however, i am offering them available here for download, completely free of charge. If you have a synth manual (service, owner's, user's, anything really) and you would like me to warehouse it here, simply contact me and in most cases i will be happy to put your manual up here.

Also, if you are (or know of) the person who did the original work scanning any of these manuals, i would be more than happy to give proper credit on the download page. Just contact me.