Roland GS to MT-32 Conversion Utility

This is a set of MIDI files that can be used to make a Roland GS device emulate an Roland MT-32 (some better than others). This is similar to the MT-32 to GM MIDI files, only this is GS to MT-32. The Roland GS device in question must contain the original Roland MT-32 tones in order for this to work. There is also a MIDI file to reset the device back to the standard Roland GS settings. This file is a self-extracting Pkzip file.

FYI: Roland GS stands for Roland General Standard, that's an inspiring acronym...

Roland states that this utility will work on the following Roland GS devices:

  • SC-55
  • SC-55 mkII
  • SC-155
  • SC-88
  • CM-500
  • CM-300
  • E-70
  • JV-30
  • SCC-1
  • SCP-55
  • a few others...

Download the Roland GS to MT-32 Conversion Util