Roland MT-32 Hardware Hacks to Improve Sound Quality

Submitted by synthwork on Fri, 01/27/2012 - 18:47

NOTICE: The modification laid out in the PDF listed below are meant to increase the sound quality (by lowering the noise floor) for people utilizing the MT-32 for music applications. This modification MIGHT not be entirely compatible with the various games that include Roland MT-32 specific music.

This doc was written in 1990. As i write this it's 2012 and while the MT-32 is a cool little black box, i doubt that there are many people left using the MT-32 for professional music applications. I have included the document here in the interest of keeping any and all MT-32 info live, well and readily accessible to anyone who wants it.

Robin Whittle's Roland MT-32 Modifications (PDF file)