Roland MT-32 General MIDI Conversion Utility

Roland MT-32 to GM General MIDI Conversion MIDI Files

The Roland MT-32 was developed and sold well before the time of General MIDI. This is a set of MIDI files to set the Roland MT-32 and MT-32 compatible modules to patch sets that more closely emulate the General MIDI specification. There are a few MIDI files included here that only work with the CM-32L, CM-64 and the LAPC-I. There is also a set of MIDI files to set the Roland "D" series synths (D-5, D-10, D-50 and so on) into GM mode. This is a self-extracting DOS Pkzip file.

If for some reason you need to do the opposite: make a Roland GS device sound like a Roland MT-32, here is set of MIDI files to set Roland GS devices to an MT-32 compatible patch set.

This MT-32 to GM utility should work on the following hardware:

  • MT-32
  • CM-32L
  • CM-64
  • LAPC-I
  • most "D" series LA synths: D-5, D-10, D-20, D-110

You might be able to load some of these setups into a CM-500 (the LA side) but there would be no need as the 500 has native support for GM. A GM setup on the Roland D-50 would not make much sense due to the fact that the D-50, straight from the factory, is mono-timbral. I am not sure if this would work on a D-70 though (which support 5 channels plus a drum channel).

Download the Roland MT-32 and MT-32 Compatible General MIDI Conversion Utility

The file (MT2GM.EXE) is a self extracting executable and contains the following eleven files:

  • Roland D Series Synth Files
  • D_GM.MID (The basic GM setup file with 64 new sounds and a new patchmap)
  • D_GM.WRI (Read Me file for the "D" series Roland synths)
  • D_R_BRSH.MID (General MIDI Brush Drum Kit)
  • D_R_ELEC.MID (General MIDI Electronic Drum Kit)
  • D_R_ORCH.MID (General MIDI Orchestral Drum Kit)
  • D_R_STND.MID (General MIDI Standard Drum Kit)
  • Roland MT-32 Files
  • MT-TO-32.WRI (Read Me file for the Roland MT-32)
  • MTGM.MID (GM setup file)
  • MTR-ORCH.MID (General MIDI Orchestral Drum Kit)
  • MTR-STND.MID (General MIDI Standard Drum Kit)
  • CMR-SFX.MID (GM rhythm setup file for CM-32L, CM-64, and LAPC-1 Only)

Notice the last line above. This was pulled straight from the Roland Read Me file (MT-TO-32.WRI) and is an example of Roland themselves misnaming the LACP-I card. That is suppose to be the letter “I” which stands for “ISA bus”, not the number “1”.