Roland SH-09 Analog Synth For Sale

As with all our House of Synth sales, this Roland SH-09 is backed by our 45 day money back guarantee.

Roland SH-09 for in excellent condition. Everything works perfectly, no static or noise on the outputs. No static or noise when moving the faders or buttons. All faders and buttons are Roland originals. Comes complete with the original Roland hard case, also in great condition. Note that the original manual is in Japanese but it includes some patch settings that anyone can read.

Pics and some quotes from the Internet:

...being able to switch the envelope to LFO mode is a fantastic feature that every synth should have.

Roland SH-09 analog monos synth with hardcase Roland SH-09 pitch bender and mod lever in great condition

this thing is just too freakin' groovy 'n funky. most fat basses i've ever heard coming out of a synth.

Roland SH-09 full shot Roland SH-09 inside hardcase with original Japanese manual

This synth (SH-09) is amazing - i cannot replicate the warmth and punch of this synth's bass with anything else.

Roland SH-09 serial number plate Roland SH-09 rear audio inputs and outputs

This is one of my favorite monosynths. Its so small and compact but has a very thick and warm sound... One of the best bass machines ever.

Roland SH-09 VCO and SUB OSC front panel sections Roland SH-09 Mixer, VCF and VCA front panel sections

this (SH-09) is from the prime era of roland's 70's design.. what you're getting is some fat analog op-amps, combined with tactile control. run this thru an old ampeg valve svt bass amp and buckle up for the ride :P

Roland SH-09 bottom view showing no rust Roland SH-09 corner angle shot

The sub-oscillator is awesome, can be one or two octaves below the keyboard.

Roland SH-09 Tech Specs

Synth Type / Synthesis Branding normal single oscillator Roland VCO > VCF > VCA analog rig
Filter classic Roland screamin' VCF
Polyphony monophonic
Low Frequency Oscillator yes, with square, triangle, random and noise waveforms
MIDI no, Roland CV gate
Keyboard 32 keys
Production Years 1980 to UNKNOWN


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