Roland SH-101 Complete Synth Package

This Roland SH-101 is in great condition and all parts work perfectly. Sound is clear with no static or crackling, even when moving faders. The SH-101 battery compartment has absolutely no corrosion whatsoever. The metal bottom is also completely rust free. Overall a stellar example of a great early 80s Roland analogue synth.

Roland SH-101 with case, grip, strap and PSA AC adapter Roland SH-101: close up view of MRS-1 modulator grip

MRS-1 Mod Grip and Strap

Both the pitch bend thumb-wheel and the modulation button on the MRS-1 work great. Of course the pitch bender and mod control on the actual SH-101 also work fine and are not loose or broken. The leather Roland strap is soft and supple, just like brand new. The SH-101's battery compartment has absolutely no corrosion whatsoever.

Roland SH-101 shot of logo Roland SH-101 view of VCO and arpeggio sections Roland SH-101 view of pitch bender and modulator Roland SH-101 view of filter and envelope sections Roland SH-101 with modulator grip Roland SH-101 audio inputs and outputs Roland SH-101 with a clean battery area Roland SH-101 diagonal shot

Boss PSA-100

The Boss PSA-100 AC adapter is the original AC adapter recommended by Roland for the SH-101. This is the Japanese 100V input version but will work just fine on USA 110V power.

bottom view of the Roland SH-101 showing no rust Roland SH-101 AC adapter Boss PSA-100

Roland SH-101 Tech Specs

Synth Type / Synthesis Branding normal Roland VCO > VCF > VCA analog rig
Polyphony monophonic
Low Frequency Oscillator yes, with square, triangle, random and noise waveforms
MIDI no, Roland CV gate
Keyboard 32 keys
Production Years 1983 to UNKNOWN