General MIDI

Our info and listings for General MIDI synths (GM). A lot of these are for computer gaming purposes.

Korg 03R/W ai2 Synth Module

Korg's AI Synthesis on the Cheap

In the early 90s Korg wanted a synth that supported general MIDI and that could provide a cost effective intro into the same synthesis engine (or at least similar in this case) as their flagship 01/W synth. The Korg 03R/W synth module filled that void.

The AI squared synth engine in the 03R/W was not exactly the same as the 01/W and the two cannot share synth patches or sysex data. The 03R/W lacked the wave shaping functionality of the higher end 01/W line of synths.

Roland GS to MT-32 Conversion Utility

This is a set of MIDI files that can be used to make a Roland GS device emulate an Roland MT-32 (some better than others). This is similar to the MT-32 to GM MIDI files, only this is GS to MT-32. The Roland GS device in question must contain the original Roland MT-32 tones in order for this to work. There is also a MIDI file to reset the device back to the standard Roland GS settings. This file is a self-extracting Pkzip file.

FYI: Roland GS stands for Roland General Standard, that's an inspiring acronym...

Roland MT-32 General MIDI Conversion Utility

Roland MT-32 to GM General MIDI Conversion MIDI Files

The Roland MT-32 was developed and sold well before the time of General MIDI. This is a set of MIDI files to set the Roland MT-32 and MT-32 compatible modules to patch sets that more closely emulate the General MIDI specification. There are a few MIDI files included here that only work with the CM-32L, CM-64 and the LAPC-I. There is also a set of MIDI files to set the Roland "D" series synths (D-5, D-10, D-50 and so on) into GM mode. This is a self-extracting DOS Pkzip file.

Roland SCC-1 Driver Win3.1 and Win95

Roland SCC-1 Windows 3.1 and 95 Drivers

This seems to be the same Roland serial MIDI driver that came with the MPU-401, but it works just fine for the SCC-1 considering that the SCC-1 is a true MPU-401 compatible MIDI interface (meaning it actually supports both UART mode and the normal “intelligent ” mode).

Download Roland SCC-1 Driver for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95

The Windows 95 driver below might also work for the SCC-1 under Windows 98 and ME.