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Synthesizer repair, all our tips and tricks for fixing the snap crackles and pops (and any other issues you may be having). This tag includes any audio equip repair such as samplers and effects units as well.

Buying Replacement Synth AC Power Supplies

Some Tips On Shopping For Replacement AC Power Adapters

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AC Adapters: Why we need them

Electronics devices can very rarely run off the power that comes straight out of your home's electrical outlets. That power has to be converted to something that more closely matches the needs of the electrical device you are trying to use. For one, the power that comes from your outlets is AC power and almost all electronics devices these days, need DC power.

Roland MT-32 Hardware Hacks to Improve Sound Quality

Submitted by synthwork on Fri, 01/27/2012 - 18:47

NOTICE: The modification laid out in the PDF listed below are meant to increase the sound quality (by lowering the noise floor) for people utilizing the MT-32 for music applications. This modification MIGHT not be entirely compatible with the various games that include Roland MT-32 specific music.