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Drum Machines

House of Synth is not only about synthesizers. We also love drum machines. From old school analogs such as the DMX to the 16 bit PCM Roland R8 and Korg S3, they are all worthy of our attention. Please see the links to the left and check out some drum machines from the past.

Korg S3 Drum Machine Rhythm Workstation and MIDI Sequencer Manuals

Korg S3 Owner's and Service Manuals

A 184 page scanned black and white PDF file. If you come in contact with an S3, you will definitely need the manual. It's a kool little drum machine / sequencer, but definitely a complex one.

Korg S3 Rhythm Workstation Owner's Manual


The service manual, a 58 page scanned black and white PDF file. Big thanks to Stephan for this one!