Roland CM

Roland's CM line (Computer Music) consisted of the CM-32L, CM-32P, CM-64, CM-300 and the CM-500 LA and PCM synth modules used heavily with MIDI computer games in the early 1990s.

Roland LAPC-I

Roland's Coolest Internal Synth Card

The Roland LAPC-I (Linear Arithmatic Personal Computer IBM or ISA) was an internal expansion card for the ISA bus. The LAPC-I was effectively an MT-32, CM-32L (including its 33 extra sound effects waveforms) and a true MPU-401 MIDI interface all contained on one long ISA card.


 Roland Super MPU SMPU II AT ISA MIDI Interface with MIDI Breakout Box

We offer a 45 day money back guarantee on all our hardware sales. This Roland SMPU card works 100%, and we can supply drivers for Windows as well as PDF copies of the original Roland SMPU owner's manual. This is a 16bit ISA card, so please keep that in mind when purchasing and ensure that the computer system that you plan to use the Super MPU with actually has an open ISA slot available. Most newer computer systems do not have ISA slots.

Roland GS to MT-32 Conversion Utility

This is a set of MIDI files that can be used to make a Roland GS device emulate an Roland MT-32 (some better than others). This is similar to the MT-32 to GM MIDI files, only this is GS to MT-32. The Roland GS device in question must contain the original Roland MT-32 tones in order for this to work. There is also a MIDI file to reset the device back to the standard Roland GS settings. This file is a self-extracting Pkzip file.

FYI: Roland GS stands for Roland General Standard, that's an inspiring acronym...

Roland MT-32 General MIDI Conversion Utility

Roland MT-32 to GM General MIDI Conversion MIDI Files

The Roland MT-32 was developed and sold well before the time of General MIDI. This is a set of MIDI files to set the Roland MT-32 and MT-32 compatible modules to patch sets that more closely emulate the General MIDI specification. There are a few MIDI files included here that only work with the CM-32L, CM-64 and the LAPC-I. There is also a set of MIDI files to set the Roland "D" series synths (D-5, D-10, D-50 and so on) into GM mode. This is a self-extracting DOS Pkzip file.


SOLD March 8th 2012 Another CM-64 to come however... if interested and you would like to put your name on the next one, contact us The real deal, the Roland CM-64, the Roland CM-32L (which contains the LA synthesizer and some PCM) and the Roland CM32P (which includes much more PCM) all combined into one box. For sale, a Roland CM-64 with the original Roland AC adapter. Works perfectly. The Roland CM-32L was a "Computer Music" version of the classic Roland MT-32. The CM-32L actually had 33 additional waveforms on top of what the MT-32 had.