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Any and all House of Synth content relating to FM synthesizers and FM synthesis. From the four operator FB01 to the eight OP FS1R.

Yamaha WT11 Wind Synthesizer

Yamaha WT11 Intro

Yamaha's WT11 is little known outside of MIDI wind controller users. Released in 1989, the WT11 is a Yamaha TX81Z synth in a sleek, curvy, very 80s, desktop form factor designed specifically for wind synthesis and MIDI wind controllers. The WT11 includes the special WX connector for Yamaha's WX7 and WX11 MIDI wind controllers.

Hexter Yamaha DX7 Free Soft Synth

Six Op FM, DX7 Style Free VST Synth

If you have a desire to play around with some 1980's style 6 Operator FM synthesis, then the Yamaha DX7 is the hardware you're looking for. You could actually go with the original brown DX7 or the black II, IID or IIFD, or the modules like the TX7 or TX802 or even the eight module beast of the TX816 (basically six DX7s in one large rack module). Aside from the TX816, any of this Yamaha FM hardware can be had for fairly little cash these days.