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Underdog synths, the ones that people ignored, the ones that were little appreciated, but we believe that EVERY synth has value.

Yamaha V50 Four Op FM Synth Workstation

Yamaha V50 Introduction

Definately an underdog synth, the Yamaha V50 is a forgotten synthesizer from 1988. Originally meant to be the little brother to the Yamaha V80 (that never made it to market) the V50 came at a time when PCM based synths like the D-50 and M1 were slaughtering Yamaha's FM line in the big synth marketplace.

The V50 is a keyboard / workstation version of the Yamaha TX81Z, complete with sequencer, effects, drum machine and a floppy drive. In fact, some have said that it was Yamaha's first true workstation keyboard.