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Yamaha TG100 | Cool Little GM Gaming Synth

Submitted by synthwork on Thu, 05/10/2012 - 22:43

Yamaha TG100 General MIDI Game Synth

In my quest to own as many computer game related GM synths as possible, today i picked up a Yamaha TG100. It was in decent shape and under $20 USD without a power supply so i figured why not (uses the standard Yamaha PA-1505, so most 12V ~ 15V DC, 500mA, center positive AC adapters should work). While it was in operational order with no physically broken bits, it was pretty filthy with years of dust. After a good 30 minute cleaning session it now looks pretty good.

Yamaha TG100 AWM Tone Generator

Yamaha TG100 AWM General MIDI Synth Introduction

The Yamaha TG100 was Yamaha's foray into the small, computer side, General MIDI synth, aimed at gamers and hobby musicians (this was before Yamaha introduced their XG line). Of course, Roland had a lock on this, somewhat small market already going back to the MT-32 and CM/GS line.

Yamaha CMX1 (MT1X) Owner's Manuals

Yamaha CMX1 and MT1X Manuals

This manual is labeled for the Yamaha MT1X Multitrack Cassette Recorder on the cover. Internally however, it often uses the names CMX1 and MT1X interchangeably. We must assume that this was a Yamaha error made when simply replacing the name CMX1 with MT1X during writing. Of course, we do not know for sure, but in all aspects that we have checked the CMX1 seems to be the same as the MT1X.

Yamaha CMX1 (MT1X) Multi-Track Cassette Recorder

Yamaha CMX1 Introduction

The CMX1 / MT1X was a four track recorder designed to use standard chrome CrO2 cassette tapes. To be able to record four tracks, it would combine the standard two tracks (left and right stereo) on side A with the two tracks on side B. Thus the cassette tape is can only be played properly on one side. If you pop it in on the other side, everything will be played in reverse.

Yamaha V50 Four Op FM Synth Workstation

Yamaha V50 Introduction

Definately an underdog synth, the Yamaha V50 is a forgotten synthesizer from 1988. Originally meant to be the little brother to the Yamaha V80 (that never made it to market) the V50 came at a time when PCM based synths like the D-50 and M1 were slaughtering Yamaha's FM line in the big synth marketplace.

The V50 is a keyboard / workstation version of the Yamaha TX81Z, complete with sequencer, effects, drum machine and a floppy drive. In fact, some have said that it was Yamaha's first true workstation keyboard.