SOLD April 30th 2012

This clean analog Yamaha CS-10 is for sale today and can be shipped out to you ASAP! Only one CS-10 in stock however.

As with all our House of Synth sales, this Yamaha CS-10 is backed by our 45 day money back guarantee.

Lowest Priced CS-10 Around!!

A super clean analog Yamaha CS-10 mono synth for sale right now. Everything works 100%, no static on the outputs, all knobs, switches and fader caps are Yamaha originals (none broken or cracked).

Yamaha CS-10 diagonal view of synth knobs shot of a Yamaha CS-10 front control panel a shot of the Yamaha CS-10 rear panel the Yamaha CS-10 audio inputs, outputs and key voltage triggers Yamaha CS-10 right side view Yamaha CS-10 labeled with the name Satoshi Aonuma Yamaha CS-10 straight on shot showing all straight and level keys Yamaha CS-10 Diagonal Shot shot of a Yamaha CS-10 ADSR VCA control section shot of the Yamaha CS-10 VCO oscillator and VCF analog filter control section Yamaha CS-10 left side plastic end cap Yamaha CS-10 right side plastic end cap the Yamaha CS-10 serial and name plate, serial number 4221 a shot of the Yamaha CS10 synth's bottom wood piece and rubber feet a Yamaha CS-10 marketing shot from www.houseofsynth.com

This is the most sought after analog Yamaha CS synth for bass. The CS-10 is huge in techno and dance scene.