Yamaha CMX1 (MT1X) Multi-Track Cassette Recorder

Yamaha CMX1 Introduction

The CMX1 / MT1X was a four track recorder designed to use standard chrome CrO2 cassette tapes. To be able to record four tracks, it would combine the standard two tracks (left and right stereo) on side A with the two tracks on side B. Thus the cassette tape is can only be played properly on one side. If you pop it in on the other side, everything will be played in reverse.

Yamaha CMX1 Pics

Yamaha CMX1 Multitrack Cassette Recorder  Yamaha CMX1 close up of audio input ports and faders Yamaha CMX1 shot of the EQ setting faders and input level LEDs  Yamaha CMX1 logo section and monitoring controls Yamaha CMX1 four track cassette recorder  Yamaha CMX1 auxiliary sends and audio outputs Yamaha CMX1 open cassette well  Yamaha CMX1 close up of faders, master level and dbx noise reduction settings Yamaha CMX1 panning and aux send level controls  Yamaha CMX1 tape transport controls Yamaha CMX1 bottom manufacturer's label and serial number

Yamaha CMX1 / MT1X AC Adapter Information

Original AC Adapter Model Yamaha PA10
Output Voltage 15 Volts DC
Max. Current Draw 600mA
Pin Configuration center positive
DC Power In Connector Outer Diameter 5.5mm
DC Power In Connector Interior Diameter 2.1mm
Note Like a lot of the Yamaha 15V DC gear, the unit seems to work fine with 12V, some say even lower might be OK. It's a lot easier to find a 12V adapter these days than a 15V one.

Yamaha CMX1 and MT1X FYI

  • The CMX1 was sold with a shoulder strap (the unit itself has lugs for the strap). I guess they thought you might take it into the field.
  • There was a attachable battery pack available called the Yamaha PA11. You had to feed it ten (that's right, 10) C cell batteries however. Wonder how long that lasted…
  • There was also a hard plastic case available called the Yamaha LC-CMX.

Yamaha CMX1 / MT1X Documentation

Please feel free to visit our Yamaha CMX1 warehouse page containing manuals for the Yamaha CMX1 / MT1X.

Yamaha CMX1 Info Request

If you happen to know what the difference is between the Yamaha CMX1 and the Yamaha MT1X is (if there is a difference), please comment below and let us know.