Yamaha CMX1 | Fun With Four Tracks

Submitted by synthwork on Fri, 05/04/2012 - 03:04

Yamaha's CMX1 four track

Recently while perusing the new stuff up for sale on Yahoo Auctions, i came across an item that i could not pass up: a little four track cassette recorder known as the Yamaha CMX1.

Yamaha CMX1 four track cassette recorder

Going back to 1985 (and definitely looking the part) we have the Yamaha CMX1 multitrack recorder. This thing really does looks like a space ship from a 1980s sci-fi flick. It's a good thing that i never got a hold of one as a kid back then, otherwise i definitely would have tried to jam a Stormtrooper into the cassette well and fly the thing across the room. Luckily, as a ten year old i didn't have the several hundred dollars that the CMX1 costs at the time.

Of course they are several orders of magnitude cheaper today and for me this was a purely nostalgia based purchase. Back in the days, i was given one of these without the power adapter. The CMX1 certainly looked cool to me, but since i could not power it up i had little use for it (this before i knew how to find alternate AC power adapters for old equipment). In the end, i gave it to a DJ friend of mine who said he could source a power supply.

Online, very little information exists about the CMX1. Even Yamaha's Manual Library oddly semi-ignores the CMX1. If you search for the manual in Yamaha's library, they offer you the manual for the Yamaha MT1X, another four track recorder that, other than the MT1X logo, looks identical to the Yamaha CMX1. In a few locations within this manual, Yamaha even uses the terms CMX1 and MT1X interchangeably.

I've put up a CMX1 page where you can see more pics and the specs on the little four track.