Yamaha TG100 | Cool Little GM Gaming Synth

Submitted by synthwork on Thu, 05/10/2012 - 22:43

Yamaha TG100 General MIDI Game Synth

In my quest to own as many computer game related GM synths as possible, today i picked up a Yamaha TG100. It was in decent shape and under $20 USD without a power supply so i figured why not (uses the standard Yamaha PA-1505, so most 12V ~ 15V DC, 500mA, center positive AC adapters should work). While it was in operational order with no physically broken bits, it was pretty filthy with years of dust. After a good 30 minute cleaning session it now looks pretty good. Tested it with a generic adapter i had laying around and all checked out fine.

Yamaha TG100 complete front panel

The TG100 is a basic Yamaha AWM synth (Advanced Wave Memory) with no FM capabilities or filters whatsoever. You're totally in sample playback land. Each patch can have up to two elements (both of which being a 12 bit PCM sample) with your standard DCA envelopes as well as pitch envelopes and some basic LFO modulations. There are a few reverb and delay effects available on board.

The TG100 has a neat mode where it will show incoming MIDI velocity levels on its tiny 1x16 LCD screen. I don't actually have a genuine use for a MIDI velocity meter but it's a cool function anyway.

I plan to use the TG100, along with my Roland SC-7 and CM-300 to play general MIDI sound tracks for old school computer games. Maybe i'll post some game music examples at some point.

Got a Korg AG-10 on the way soon… for now you can see more pics and further details on the Yamaha TG100 see our TG100 data page.